NAAONB Privacy Policy

We are committed to keeping your personal details safe. On this page you can read about how and why we use your personal data with regards to the Collaboration Platform, to ensure that you remain informed and in control of your information.  

User names, email addresses and membership organisations are used to add new users, and accessible by all registered users logged in on the platform, but users are never registered without this first being explained to them. They can ask for their user account to be deleted at any time by emailing office@landscapesforlife.org.uk. All newly registered users receive an email to activate their registration to the Collaboration Platform. Once completed, they can choose to show additional, professional information about themselves (such as work experience and biography, areas of expertise, geographical location of office), but this is left at their own discretion and they can remove this information anytime they want. Only registered users logged in on the platform can view this information. It does not have system implications and is only there for the purpose of enhancing users' ability to create a stronger professional network with their peers.

The ICO define the lawful basis for processing your data for these purposes as 'legitimate interest'.

This new Collaboration Platform is using an open source software called Tiki. Being open source, Tiki is only the 'shell' of our Collaboration Platform, and no data contained on it is directly handled by the Tiki development community as the Platform and all its data are held on the NAAONB’s private web server. As the Platform administrator, the NAAONB is thus the sole data manager. A third party is contracted for general maintenance and updates, and their contract has a GDPR clause stating they cannot use nor export the personal contained on the Collaboration Platform.

The Collaboration Platform is a secure tool to enable effective and inclusive collaboration across the network of AONBs and their trusted partners. In particular, it enables users to get in touch with each other and communicate.

Please find the full NAAONB Privacy Policy here.