National Landscapes Platform

The AONB Network's collaboration platform



This system is for authorised users only - if you would like to register, please click here

Please note, the platform is currently only open to staff at AONB Partnerships and Conservation Boards and a very few external users working on collaborative projects. We intend to open the registration wider as the platform develops.


What is the National Landscapes Platform?

Our National Landscapes Platform is a space for collaborative working across the national network of teams responsible for looking after our Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (approximately 400 users from across the UK). The platform provides a set of online tools to allow us to work together more effectively. These tools include, but are not necessarily limited to, the following. 

  • A variety of Forums where users can discuss topics, as well as a few smaller, more private, forums for specific project work
  • A searchable Contact Directory, to provide additional networking with colleagues nationally - users are able to search for people with specific expertise and for those who are open for collaborative activity (from ad hoc advice to project work)
  • A searchable Resource Library where users can share and discover files of all sorts (documents, images, maps…)
  • A News page where users can read all the latest updates from across the network (curated by AONB comms officers), as well as national updates from the NAAONB
  • Calendars to inform users of upcoming events, meetings and training sessions, as well as project-specific calendars (to aid with project management)
  • A Project Summary page to inform users on what national/regional projects there are and how they are progressing
  • A collaborative document management system, to co-edit files remotely without fear of losing precious work because of version history problems
  • A chat system, for quick, one-to-one conversations
  • And, customisable settings for email notifications, including a weekly digest of recent activity - to cut down on unwanted pressure on email inboxes!